I’m Libre.

I am a writer, amongst other things, and I keep this site and blog

In my writing, I seek to stimulate the body, mind, and intellect. I write books and stories that are sensual, erotic, often romantic, and which tend to feature a psychological edge.

On the blog, I keep on an eclectic mix of topics –  thoughts on writing and, more widely, on the creative process; on reading, books (all sorts of genres), and being an avid reader; on erotica, women, and sexuality; and, sometimes, simply on life itself. Primarily, I am interested in how life can inform writing – and vice-versa.

You can find a list of my books and where to get them in books.

My book reviews appear in the feed towards the bottom of this page, and the link to my page on Goodreads is here.

You can also read more about who I am here

Thank you for stopping by.

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