Imagine a world where…

He is usually someone I manage to blank out my awareness. Every country will have a ‘media personality’ like former-journalist and TV presenter Piers Morgan, self-appointed spokesperson of the ‘rational person’ and self-publicist, coming out with a knee-jerk response to every liberal and progressive development in society, politics, the arts…

But this time he is harder to ignore, because he has made me laugh. Not with a derisive snicker but really, out loud.

Heaven forbid there’s something more important than getting a shine on that floor

The new advertising campaign for Gillette razors has created discussion as it changes its long-standing tagline from “The Best A Man Can Get” to: “Is this the best a man can get?” and made a bid in its latest advert to address toxic masculinity.

I pass no comment on the advert here, but Mr. Morgan’s response is prize. He is quoted as saying:

If we did this to women, if I did a commercial tomorrow that showed the worst of women, all hell would break loose…

Imagine that? Imagine making an advert about women that highlighted their incompetency in house-cleaning, parenting, hair-dressing, inability to clothe themselves stylishly, shop thriftily; their inadequacy in hiding their menstrual cycle, risks in smelling of body odour… That they were helpless to improve until their awareness was raised for them about such failings. It would be deeply unfair if women were generalised, depicted as creatures whose main ambitions in life were cleaning the table to a high polish and attracting the opposite sex.

So why yes, surely the world would go mad if such things formed the basis of advertising campaigns.

11 thoughts on “Imagine a world where…

  1. Great use of sarcasm. Advertising uses stereotypes. Stereotypes have an element of truth and absurdity. The stereotype of the male who won’t ask for directions when he gets lost comes to mind. As to,housekeeping, now that I do housekeeping and cooking, I take great pride in my work. Shiny floor, spotless bathroom, well received dinner are accomplishments I like recognition and praise. I guess sixty years ago, we could dismiss the housewife as some sort of nit wit for striving for recognition in the “domestic arts”. But now that men are, with increading frequency, taking on these tasks, we have a new found respect for what our mothers, or grandmothers, did.

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    1. Yes, adverts do nobody any favours: if course, advertisers play upon all our human insecurities and create some we never knew we had. And I agree, if I were a man, I would be irritated at some of the stereotyped ways that men are portrayed, such as the hapless klutz about the house.

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  2. I’m a big fan or Piers Morgan, I guess his ‘going for the jugular’ interviewing style is a throwback to Editing an infamous Tabloid newspaper, and Susanna makes me smile like a wife who’s just about to butt in and say “calm yourself down dear”. But as usually happens during his interviews Piers pinpoints the ludicrous, oh and YOUR ‘imagine’ piece made me laugh, Twitter would descend into a meltdown if such an Ad was screened…………. I wish it was.

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    1. If I am honest, I don’t mind Morgan that much, or at least, he doesn’t bug me, and I don’t watch breakfast telly so perhaps missed his interview technique. Clarkson though! Don’t get me started…

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      1. A guy I work with, his daughter works as a teacher at the school Clarkson used to send his children to……………… apparently he’s very a very pleasant chap? 😀

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        1. He must carefully create on on-screen persona! Anyway, glad to hear he’s nice to the right people, e.g. teachers – perhaps restaurant staff next…

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  3. I need to check him out. But you raised a great point. Imagine putting the reality out their in terms of what we usually feel or do. Sarcasm or reality


  4. Mind blown. I would have never thought of this. Thanks for sharing.


  5. I worked in advertising a while. Ogilvy & Mather. There were good campaigns.
    Now? I’m glad I don’t have to stand up to clients and tear their ads down.
    Pitiful mostly.
    (I then moved to market research…)

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    1. Yes, as a kid, some ads found their way into a sort of collective consciousness, the jingles that stuck in the head. Now commercials are cringe-making and people can skip through.

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