Blogging goals reviewed

It’s so hard to get back into routine, isn’t it, after a break? You anticipate feeling refreshed after some time off, only to find you’re not as revitalised by the experience as you’d hoped.

Studies have shown it can take days to return to normal after time off, with at least three days to return to your usual sleep patterns—four if you’ve taken off two weeks, according to one recent survey of 2,000 adults[1]. Evidently, at this time of year (winter here in Europe), that’s exacerbated by the short dark days that sap energy levels (unsurprisingly), and by some of us being impacted by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), which affects the sleep-wake cycle (circadian rhythm).

I went back to work last Thursday and yet Monday tomorrow is still presenting a bit of a shock, perhaps because the kids are back to school. Things that have helped so far include:
– setting priorities in a ‘must-do’ rather than a ‘to-do’ list, then at least the most important tasks get accomplished – you cannot do it all in one day;
– scheduling the rest of the month clearly, to stay attuned to the art of the possible and to set some fresh objectives;
– going easy on myself the first weekend after going back, not too many commitments, leaving time to sleep and rest, plus some small treats waiting;
– getting back to healthy eating.

I don’t know about you, but I am not one for setting hard and fast New Year’s resolutions. In fact, my weedy resolve to save money post-Christmas has already been bashed by a couple of January sales temptations.

About a year ago, though (in the post here), one year into setting up a blog, I did lay out some ‘blogging goals’, and now is the time to review whether I have met them.

  • Be a ‘conscious follower’: continue only to follow blogs you will really read, not simply in the hope of being followed back.
    Pretty much kept to this. I haven’t followed all the blogs I would like to, nor taken the time I’d ideally like to seek out new ones, but I don’t randomly follow blogs in the indistinct hope of being followed in return either.
  • Engage 1: Don’t leave ‘blind likes’ on posts; take the time to read them properly:
    Yes, no ‘blind likes’, I read the posts I like or comment on, even though I don’t read as many as I’d like.
  • Engage 2: If you particularly enjoyed or were interested in a blog, take the time to comment. And take time to ‘like’ thoughtful comments that others have left.
    Hm. Not as much as I had hoped; I would still like to engage more and more meaningfully.
  • Engage 3: Be responsive when others leave comments on post.
    Mostly! As I wrote last year, that’s one of the best bits.
  • Keep reading, keep learning: Learn from others – those who write good blogs, whether it’s their style, ability to engage, content, whatever…
    Again, not as much as I intended or would like to, pleading the horribly inevitable ‘lack of time’. I need to make time and do better on this.
  • Stay regular: In my case, that’s continuing to aim to blog weekly.
    Nearly – not quite! Holiday time is the main issue here. Weekly blogging is small-time stuff for many bloggers, but remains realistic for me—I know I’ll never have a huge, monetised blog, and that’s not the aim.
  • Be analytical: Be better at understanding ‘what works’, which posts gain a positive response or interaction.
    Not really! Report card reads: could do better. I could benefit from having a more consistent focus – but I like writing across several topics, which brings us to…
  • Enjoy it: In fact, only do it if you’re still enjoying it.
    Yes. Thankfully…So here’s to another year.


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Writing objectives by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Twenty Twenty by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

11 thoughts on “Blogging goals reviewed

  1. Jacqui Murray Jan 11, 2020 — 6:32 pm

    Good goals, Libre. Those are what I did to build my blog’s readership (except the blind likes–guilty!). Good luck with this new year!


    1. Thank you! I am probably being mean on the blind likes – I think they can be a way to ‘I support you and often enjoy your blog, but I am just so busy right now!’ and have good intentions.


  2. I’m glad to see you’re sticking around for another year. I admire the goals you set before. I have some similar ones in the works in terms of reviewing and rating books I love reading, since I have been woefully bad at engaging with authors and creators whose work I greatly enjoy.


    1. Engagement and networking are big ones. In terms of book reviews, I have continual intentions, but…!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Libre. I hope you’re back in the saddle now. Pretty much agree with your blogging goals.
    I try to comment almost every time I read a post. Time-consuming but if the author spent time writing or posting a comment – albeit short – is deserved…
    Now, to cull the list of followees? Definitely. I have too many to follow properly… My next “job” after I finish paying the bills…
    SAD? Hadn’t heard of it, but that’s probably why I left Europe. Can’t stand the low (or absent) light too long…
    Au revoir.


    1. It is a case of so many blogs and so little time, isn’t it. The time you and others take to now only comment, but to comment thoughtfully and interactively is always much appreciated. In regard to SAD, I am lucky not to be a sufferer, and can enjoy all the seasons. It is wonderful, though, now that we can see and feel the days perceptibly getting that little bit longer. Whether winter or summer where you are, enjoy the rest of the month.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Will do. We woke up with a Belgian weather, temps around 10C, and drizzle… Not too good to go pick up Grandson at the French school but feasible. I’m glad I had heating installed last year… Mexico? This is so weird… 🙂
        And yes, so little time. BUt I will get that organized.
        hang on through February, March will be around the corner.


  4. I often can’t leave any likes* 😂, that’s why I’m commenting instead. I don’t know its something to do with Mac and WP (as happy engineer explained🤨). Agreed with everything above, but it works for a blogger (mostly). I’m not sure I am a blogger. Maybe… maybe… anyway, I have tendency to ‘black out’ and leave online-inet world for a month, two or so 😂😂


  5. You did a great research about the product and really loved reading it. I must say I’ve no idea about this post before and not even heard that word. While i’m writing this i am using buffer and hoot suite to monitor my social media’s. I’m thinking to try to will share my feedback after trying it.


  6. I think enjoying it is the greatest thing. I’m glad you are still into blogging.
    I found your statistics about going back after a break fascinating. When it comes to blogging breaks, I’ve experienced it first hand. When I stop blogging for a while it’s not because I need a break, but because something else comes up that I need to give my whole attention to. It’s not easy to get back to being regular, to writing, and engaging.
    My sleep isn’t usually affected by my time off. While yes, I might stay up late during the first day or two, I go to bed at around the same time whether I am working or not. I do sleep in when I can on my days off. I find that it actually helps me wake up early when the time to go back to work comes.
    But yes, I definitely feel like I need about 2 days after having time off to get back into “normal.”


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