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I spent a number of years living and working in several different countries before returning to my home country England. Since then I have made my home by the windswept and sometimes wild moorlands in rural North Lancashire. These surroundings provide a brooding and stark landscape from which I derive much inspiration.

Scenery near my home
See – the sun can shine!

As well as having a full-time job, I am raising a family, and sit down (or remain standing up) to write in my
non-existent spare time. That may be in the evenings at home, but is almost as likely to be on the commute to work or waiting in cafés to collect my kids from their activities.

A life-long book-lover, I write because I enjoy it; it’s satisfying, gives me time to myself in my own head. I write erotica because I enjoy that too. That is, reading some of it, some of the time. Especially when it is honest and sensual, and features real women not ‘fembots’. Women need to fantasise and we need to be without sexual shame. So there we have it: reading and sexual fantasies – two of the cheapest and most portable forms of entertainment (within reason and the rules of public decency of course).

Oh and since I am often asked about this, Libre is a nickname that I’ve had since childhood, deriving from my given (or ‘Sunday best’) name of Elizabeth. The fact Libre means ‘free’ in Spanish I see as a bonus.

You can see what I have written here https://librepaley.com/
Plus some free samples and stuff here https://librepaley.com/free-stuff/
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